Amorphous Blog. Or: “Spreading Myself Too Thinly”

April 11, 2010

The success of blog posts fascinates me. Sometimes you can post something that you are sure will grab attention, and it fizzles quickly into obscurity. Other times, you can knock out something vapid and it spreads like wildfire.

Last June I wrote a post called Analyzing the Design of Websites: Apple, Microsoft & 37 Signals which I personally thought was quite interesting, but it didn’t generate a massive amount of traffic. In the last couple of weeks, Smashing Magazine just happened to mention it in a tweet, and it went ballistic. Thousands upon thousands of new visitors read the piece each day, and it received quite a few backlinks: it now ranks second in a search for the generic phrase ‘analyzing design’ on Google.

A few of us often put significant effort into writing posts for The Januarist, our collective blog about past and present culture. However, even 6-or-so months after launch, it hasn’t received as many back-links as I would have hoped for; probably because we don’t spend too much time thinking about link-bait or SEO-optimising our content.

Anyway, just to test a point, I’ve decided to set up another blog: Amorphous Blog. On this blog, I’m not going to write about ideas that come to me, or interesting nuggets I come across. Instead, I will strategically write about whatever the popular topic of the moment is; I’ll be using Google Trends to find out what the rising searches are at any given time. Just to give it a focus, I’ll restrict the posts to search topics on popular culture (music, films, sports, art, etc), and will frame each post around a chart, graph, or some other data analysis, all with tongue firmly in cheek.

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