Dear PayPal: You May Be Unknowingly Laundering Money for 123-Reg

March 25, 2010

“To run illegally acquired money through a legitimate business to make it more difficult to track” - Launder definition.

I’m going to quote other people who have experienced a similar issue to mine with 123-reg (‘auto renewing’ without consent), to prove that it was not a one-off, and that the company has practiced this – at best, deceptive – racket for some time. These quotes are not mine: they are re-printed from Twitter and Review Centre. If they included mine, it would be twice as long.

it’s so annoying. The autorenew that @123reg are doing is basically theft and something I never knowingly signed up to.

@123reg autorenew, more like auto steal.

Reg123 [sic] renewed number of domains on me when I didn’t want to renew them. They just charged my PayPal. Seems to be what they do.

@123reg For 2 days you restarted old domains & invoiced me for these. i have tried to call the office number and twice the call terminates.

can’t believe @123reg won’t refund the auto domain name renewal i didn’t want. is that even legal? i don’t even know how it got switched on!

123Reg is forcing me to enter card details so that it can autorenew all my domains unless I specifically tell it otherwise. Time to move on.

I’m proper mad at @123reg for putting my domains on auto-renew. Let’s hope they reply to mail before end of today,or there’ll be chargebacks

Yep, i had the same. Do you want to renew, ehh NO. Then they take money out of your account and then say that even though you clicked on the “let it expire” button, you didn’t cancel the hosting

I signed up with 123 reg only to have my hosting auto-renew at well over double the original price. I can find no record of them notifying me of this, and it’s just terrible that the onus is on the customer to stop them putting their greedy little hands into our bank accounts for as much money as they like!

Today i received three paid invoices from 123-reg for domains that i did not order.

I went on to my control panel and set the package to expire and set up my new site. This morning I have an received a receipt and 123-reg had taken the money from my card.

I’m not sure how many of these payments were taken through PayPal, but mine was, so I can only assume that at least some of these were.

PayPal, please take note. I KNOW that this isn’t your fault. You’re not doing anything illegal here.

But you should not be involved with a company like this. Your brand relies on security, trust, and convenience. Given my recent experience – where my dispute with you for this charge wasn’t accepted (and you told me to physically write to an address in the US to find out more details – I’m in the UK), I can’t honestly say that you feel more secure and convenient right now.

Please, don’t let this company tarnish your image. Don’t let them use your services.

7 Responses to “ Dear PayPal: You May Be Unknowingly Laundering Money for 123-Reg ”

  1. Nazim Jamil on July 30, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I have had the exact same problem, and so has my friend. Robbery, and the idiots @ 123-reg don’t give a crap.

  2. James on August 27, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Same here, and I complained / got a paypal refund and disabled my account with no communication.

    I have some other domains with them which I cannot login and manage, so I’m stuck.

    Very poor service from 123-reg

  3. Lolo on April 29, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I have had the exact same problem….Robbery!

  4. James on March 19, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I’ve had the same problem – 123 Reg created a PayPal billing agreement and then took money from my PayPal account with my consent. I didn’t authorise this and I had no idea (as a seller) you could actually get PayPal to do this?! Surely, it’s the same thing as creating a direct debit and just extracting money from someone’s bank account?

    All I had done in the past was make an ad-hoc renewal payment using my PayPal details – so 123-reg must have stored this and basically robbed me as my credit card had expired.

    After speaking to 123 Support, they’ve fed me the same BS as everyone above saying it wasn’t “set to cancel” – well of course it wasn’t, I didn’t want to cancel it! I just wanted to manually renew it, as I do with all my domains!

    123Reg also said that if I issue a chargeback with PayPal, they’ll disable my account and charge me over £100 to get it back. So I’m not sure what to do now as the domain is for a customer of mine.

    Very angry and upset by this.

  5. James on March 23, 2012 at 11:58 am

    Same here – Domains auto renewed, found out about it complained. Didn’t get a Paypal refund. Now 123-reg account locked and they want £12.50 admin fee. Robbing bastards…

  6. Maria on March 26, 2013 at 12:05 am

    123.reg have taken money from an expired card I never stored with them. They must have gone in to my account and put it in manually. Renewed a product i didn’t want renewing and charged me for a different package anyway, costing nearly £30.00 more than when I first purchased with them 2 years ago. No offer of refund. No apology. kept on hold twice for 10mins and more when I phoned them. Have asked to remove all services and they have confirmed this but are still emailing me asking to cancel domain again. They just won’t cancel. They won’t let me leave. Have taken my money and I’m so upset.

  7. vix haarp ellis on September 17, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    This is what paypal let go out of an account i was saving for christmas for my kids not well off and sold loads of things i needed to raise funds for is the email i sent to paypal and have been shut completely from my paypal account..strange as a company can access my paypal account but i can not..i think paypal sell lists of unactive accounts believing they are closed or passwords lost..then the companies rob accounts clear them out and change to a different company all against the law but a big buissness and paypal just prevent you from complaining or getting into your own account..i have had enough of saving only to be taken away..this is out of order..this is the email i sent…… These payments have not been issued april 3rd £39.00 skype. March 9th £55.00 skype..oct 5th £39.00 and a second the same day just shows that paypal are fraudulant..5th oct 2nd payment in same day £39.00..4th of oct £39.00..if you realise it is a scam because nobody would need 3months subscription on the 4th and again twice on the 5th..this is not a mistake this is a company clearing out paypal accouts and i feel you are working with them to cover up data i can not even acess from my paypal account yet a company can clear me out..this money is a lot to some people it is £211.00.. i am not letting this go and have coppies of my emails sent to friends and other activists..this is suposed to be safe and protected and needs my bank code for variation so some information has been given to the company..i want a full investigation and access to my paypal account..i am been visited later today by adult social services and will be telling them why i have had a major set back..this is not good we live in times where companies and sister companies work together to rip people off..well a small amount is a big ammount to some..

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