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July 8, 2010

Abandoned hotel in San Blas

This is my home on the web, but I run (or contribute to) a number of other blogs that you may or may not know about. For the sake of self-promotion, you might want to check these out and subscribe to the RSS feeds! (I’m currently obsessed with FeedBurner stats.)

  • The Januarist (RSS, @thejanuarist) – A blog about culture, often looking to the past. Kind of like a cultural Boing Boing. Average 1-2 posts a week.
  • Amorphous Blog (RSS, @amorphousblog) – Another blog about culture, but this time focused on popular culture through data and charts, with a hint of humour. Average 1 post a week.
  • Contentini (RSS, @contentini) – the Content Strategy consultancy/blog that Amy and I run. Obviously, the posts are about content strategy, but cover a wide range of topics, including SEO, copywriting and marketing. Average 1 post a week.
  • The Content Strategist Blog (RSS) – a tumblog equivalent of Contentini; re-posting interesting content/language related things that I find on the web. This is quite new so I haven’t got into a rhythm yet – I guess it’ll average out to 3-5 posts a week.
  • Lame But Cool (RSS, @lamebutcool) – I can’t honestly recommend that you subscribe to this blog; it’s just an excuse to get some content on to the web with Amazon Affiliate links in it. Average 1 post a week.
  • A Tramp Abroad (RSS, @atramp_abroad) – this is really Amy’s new independent Travel Blog/Magazine project, but I’ll be contributing.
  • Japanese Gore Movies (RSS, @japanesegore) – a rather niche blog about funny splatter films from Japan.
  • And, of course, you should double check that you’re subscribed to the RSS for this site and that you’re following me on Twitter!

(The photo is an abandoned hotel in San Blas, our current location on our year-long travel)

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