The Biggest Problem of the Web

February 7, 2010

Let me briefly describe what I think is the biggest problem that is holding back the full potential of the web.

The majority of web applications (the useful websites that actually ‘do’ something) are conceived and created by developers:

And yet the make-up of the global population is very different (the following graph is exceedingly over-estimating the proportion of web developers in the world):

And that, in summary, is the problem. Can you imagine if 90% of books were conceived and written only by people who knew how to work the printing press?

This will, of course, be solved over the next 10 years. We (yes, web developers…) will start to develop applications that make it easier for anyone to create functional web apps. Then we’ll have parents, children, pensioners, mothers, charity workers, cooks, newsagents, and everyone else creating services that they see a need for.

And it will be incredible.

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