The End Of The Kindle Affiliate Experiment

March 14, 2010

Those who follow my blog will know that, a few weeks ago, I started experimenting with selling Amazon Kindles via their affiliate scheme.

Well, the experiment has now finished. Although I learned a lot about refining AdWord campaigns to increase CTR and match user intent, the main thing I’ve learnt is not to register a domain with someone else’s trademark in it…

As it happens, Amazon sent me a nice email, letting me know that I’d broken two of their policies: 1) I’d registered a domain name containing one of their trademarks, and 2) I was bidding against their trademarks on AdWords. I wasn’t originally aware of either of those policies (I just saw other people doing it and thought it was OK), but they both make sense, and tonight I took down the website. I’ve replaced all existing links to a new dodgy domain I’ve bought, that I’ll use as a central place for my affiliate experiments (hence building SEO for one domain). So all uk-kindle links now point to

Amazon are pretty good about it all; they say they’ll also buy the domain off me (though only for the original registration fee – which doesn’t really cover all the SEO work I’d put in!). But anyway, their position is understandable and I’d do the same. In fact, I may even be a bit nastier than they are, so good on them.

With Penolo approaching beta stage (I made excellent progress this weekend), I’d shifted my attention away from affiliate research/tweaking anyway, so it’s probably all for the best.

Onwards and upwards! (Or should that be “To Infinity And Beyond”? Crap, there goes another trademark infringement…)

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